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    This web log is about missions, evangelism and defending the faith. They are, it seems to me three aspects of the same task - to make disciples of all nations. Some divide the theological discipline into Apologetics (defending the faith from unbelievers' attacks) and Polemics (those differences between members of the Body of Christ). I prefer to deal with all differences about the faith (from inside or outside the Church) under that same heading.

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Determining the Sense of Scripture

“They have a very mean idea of the Gospel, who consider as frivolous, vain and unjust all that they imagine does not accord with their own reason. … Men are not permitted to wrest the Gospel at pleasure so that it may square with their own sentiments and interpretation.”

– Ulrich Zwingli
Zwinglii Opera cur. Schulero et Schulthessio Turici 1829 vol. 1: 202, 215
cited in The History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century by J.H. Merle d’Aubigne Book 8, Chapter 3 (epub edition p 625 of 1994)


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